Learning Chinese One Codepoint at a Time

Yesterday we started to post the 100 Chinese characters most used in nowadays Hànyǔ as Unicode Codepoint of the Day. This series will last until middle of April (obviously). From time to time we will add informative blog posts here to put the characters in context. If you learn Chinese, now is a good time to follow @CodepointsNet on Twitter to get a free Chinese lesson every day.

an animation of the Chinese character 龍 written stroke by stroke
Source: Wikimedia Commons, Stroke Order Project

As source we used Patrick Zein’s list of 3000 most frequent characters, which is a weighted compilation of other studies. The list aims to be “a compilation of the 3000 most frequently used characters in modern, simplified, mainland Chinese.” So it fits the purpose of the current Codepoint of the Month thread quite well.